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These are challenging times for businesses and every organization strives to be competitive and forward looking. But how many organizations succeed? While every organization strives for growth, managing growth is a tough task, even for the most experienced and futuristic visionaries. Growth management is complex governed by not merely the efficient utilization of internal resources, but also managing the external forces. Hence, growth management strategies should include exploitation of external opportunities, minimizing the threat implications and utilizing the internal resources.

Managing an organization-new or existing is a huge challenge. Caught in routine operations, often we ignore symptoms; overlook problems leading to our own peril. An outside view has the benefit of ‘questioning’ every policy or practice in the background of best industry benchmarks and practices at local, regional and international levels. 

ProMAX is an organization specializing in improving productivity and optimizing organizational results, effectively deploying available resources. ProMAX is founded by V Pradeep Kumar, who has had a successful career of about 30 years in FMCG, Advertising, Media and Publishing, heading organizations in Bangalore, India and Dubai, UAE. He also writes regularly on 'Leadership and Management' for reputed newspapers and his first book ‘Simple is difficult’ has been released recently. For more details, please visit

ProMax has a pool of talented professionals and our team can deliver either end to end or customized solutions.

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