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  • Areas of our core competency:

    1. We specialize in providing strategic advisory services to FMCG, Organic & Conventional Food Products, Media, Advertising and Publishing industries.
    2. Business Plans for start-ups/early stage emerging firms and assisting to raise finance through Angel Investors/VC Funds
    3. Develop a vibrant export portfolio for Organic & Conventional Food manufacturers.

  • Strategic and Consultancy Services in following areas:

    1. Developing vision and mission statements for the organization and formulating long term strategies in line with the vision.

    2. Organization structuring or restructuring with a view to have a lean and efficient organization, working in harmony and bringing the benefits of synergy to the fore.

    3. Developing an appropriate Sales and Marketing strategy including manpower planning, recruitment and training, Branding, Pricing and Competitive Strategies, Product Development and Segmentation, Launch Strategies, Advertising and Promotion including creative supervision for Radio, Television, Print, Outdoor, Online and new mediums.

    4. Conducting a Sales Audit with a view to identify and rectify processes and reporting deficiencies to maximize efficiency with available resources. Through a Sales Audit, create benchmarks of efficiency in line with local, regional and international standards.

    5. Providing the organization with Training and Development support in areas such as Leadership and Grooming, Sales Management, Design and Production.

    6. Reviewing support functions - Finance, Design, Database, Production and Print, to optimize efficiency and create MIS reports for the top management team.

      The above services can be offered as a comprehensive package or any one or more of the services. We can also customize to your specific needs.

  • Specialty and niche publishing, both offline and online, from conceptualization to project planning and implementation.

  • International MOU’s and Strategic tie ups.

  • PR, Advertising and Promotion Consultancy services.

  • Web content development, design and solutions, Interactive Presentations and Visual Aids and related services.

  • Conceptualization, Content development and monitoring services for commercial movies and television serials.

  • Musical Events and Shows, for Corporates and related services.
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