The world economy is in a huge turmoil with Covid19, businesses are forced to adapt their business models to survive, compelled by a new definition of living. Organizational growth management has never been more complex, governed by not merely the efficient utilization of internal resources, but also managing the external forces. Hence, growth management strategies should include exploitation of external opportunities, minimizing the threat implications and utilizing the internal resources efficiently. Managing an organization is a huge challenge, as entrepreneurs and management teams are often too focused on day-to-day issues, and miss observing the symptoms which may lead to crisis management. A consultant comes with the knowledge of best industry benchmarks and practices at local, national and international levels and adds strength to the management team, in observing, analysing and recommending proactive actions and solutions.

ProMAX is an organization specializing in improving productivity and optimizing organizational results, effectively deploying available resources. ProMAX is founded by V Pradeep Kumar, a senior management professional with 40 years of hardcore experience in diverse industries, during which he has headed companies in India and outside, including both established and startup companies. He is also a prolific writer on management, leadership and education and has taught globalization and management in leading institutions.

Our Vision

Help build world class organizations with best practices and benchmarks, satisfying all stakeholders.

Our Mission

Partnership with organizations, focusing on productivity and achieve mutually satisfying results though optimum utilization of resources.

Our Values

Work with sincerity and integrity, efficiently and effectively, in an environment of mutual trust maintaining confidentiality.

Why ProMax

  • ProMax is an organization being built on the foundation of high ethical and moral values accentuated by focus on revenue growth and cost management.
  • We strive to ‘maximize productivity’ in organizations be it start-ups or established, leading to higher return on investment and satisfying all stake holders.
  • We offer consultancy services at both strategic and hands on levels as you feel comfortable and can offer full-fledged services or customized services in specific areas. We could even work together in a specific area before moving to a full-fledged service, thus allowing you an opportunity to evaluate us.

Let’s Maximize the productivity of your Business